How Do You Put on a Patella Knee Brace

There is no point wearing a Patella Knee Brace if you don't put it on correctly.

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These braces work by applying a force that resists the kneecaps tendency to drift towards the outside of the knee. Different braces have different actions but (with the exception of the Donjoy S.E.R.F. Strap) they all push up against the outside of the patella directing it back towards the midline.

In order to correctly fit a patella knee brace you need to complete the following steps:

1) Prepare : Patella knee braces are 'pull-on' braces so your brace should be pulled up over the leg and positioned as per the manufacturers instructions.The starting position is having the leg completely straight and the weight supported. The best options are sitting flat on the floor with your leg straight out in front of you or sitting on a chair with the leg supported on another chair or stool.

2) Relax : The quadriceps muscle needs to be completely relaxed. You can check that you have achieved this by grasping the patella and trying to move it from side to side. If it moves the quads are relaxed. If it does not, the quads are still engaged, locking the patella in position. It takes a bit of practice to relax these muscles on command but it is a vital part of the fitting process.

3) Apply the force : While the quads are relaxed, the brace's buttress is positioned next to the outside edge of the patella. This is the raised part of the brace that grips the kneecap and enables the force to be applied. Placing your thumb on the outside of the brace at the position of the buttress, push the patella towards the inside of the knee and hold it there.

4) Lock Position : While your thumb holds the patella across towards the inside of the knee, use your other hand to apply the straps of the brace (under sufficient tension) to lock this position in place.

Effectively applying a Patella Knee Brace means 'pretensioning' the kneecap while the quads are relaxed. Pulling a patella brace on and just tightening the straps without following this procedure will not give the maximum benefit the brace is designed for.

If you are confused or feel you are not getting the most out of your brace, consult a physical therapist.

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