Mobile World Congress Samsung Galaxy S5

The specs on size and weight are not too impressive. You get a slightly larger phone that is quite a bit heavier. The biggest improvements are definitely the fingerprint scanner and dust/water resistance.

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While there are a couple of cool features, the Samsung S5 was still considered a safe update. So why did Samsung play it safe with the S5? Lets be honest, a fingerprint scanner is cool but not revolutionary. A hearbeat monitor? Ok, a small fraction (maybe 1%) will actually use it religiously. Why didn't Samsung take any risks with this phone?

To address this question, I want to talk about their biggest competitor, the iPhone. The iPhone released the 5S last year that featured a fingerprint scanner. Other than that, the iPhone 5S was pretty safe too. According to trend, this is the year that Apple will release the newest and greatest phone, the iPhone 6. Apples business model since the iPhone 3 has been to release a huge update on one phone and then a minor update on the next phone. They have titled the phones as iPhone 3iPhone 3S, iPhone 4iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5iPhone 5S. Apple is currently on the 5S, which according to trend, means that the iPhone 6 is next. What will the major changes be? A bigger screen? Maybe they will include widgets? Who knows what Apple will come up with.

If you we're Samsung, you could make just a little update in the S5 and still maintain the market share that they currently have until the iPhone 6 is launched, probably later this year. At that point, the Apple fanatics will snatch up the newest and greatest iPhone and Samsung will see what major updates we're made and duplicate the features or even try to one up the new features. It is very possible that Samsung is developing something very innovative and is just waiting for the chance to release it to maintain their market share against the new iPhone 6.

This is just an opinion but the strategy makes sense. Save the big guns until you know if your guns are bigger than the competitors biggest guns. If they are, then blow the competitor out of the water. If they aren't, well, it may be time to start swimming.

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