My time is currency, and I'm investing it in WHAT?

After 7 years as an active user, I decided to kill my Facebook account. There we're many reasons for this, but the bottom line really had everything to do with the time investment it took to maintain my Facebook habit. I spent an average of 75 minutes each day actively engaged in Facebook. I posted a lot of photos, many of which I came to realize we're taken for the sole purpose of having something to post on Facebook. (There's a pathology in there somewhere that I choose not to explore at this time.) Some days would see me spending more time on Facebook, but rarely would I spend less than 75 minutes.

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Also, these 75 minutes we're not spent all in one burst. I work at home, in front of my Macbook Pro. I have an iPhone and an iPad, and would be inundated with push notifications alerting me of every interaction that Facebook felt I absolutely needed to be aware of right now. I would respond to whatever caused the alert right away, in real time.

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