Ain't Dead Yet!

For those that we're a bit confused about the last entry, that was written by Lindsey concerning our recent trip to Chicago to move her back Perhaps I'll let her guest blog on here from time to time.

After a few days of time off, and 30+ hours in the car, I'm finally back. Just peeked at my Performance Manager Chart, and things are looking grim for me, fitness had dropped a bit. Guess it's time to saddle up and start grinding away again. Just gotta put those beers down and grab a water bottle instead.

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On a Sidenote: SUPER HUGE CONGRATS to Mark Hartman!! Mark finished up his 1st SOLO 24 hour race at Hot August Nights in CA and finished 2nd!! Turning 21 laps for a total of 204 miles!!

There was also a podium sweep by Americans in the 4 man division, with Casey/Hanggi/Greg/Bruce taking 1st, the 2nd Park Ave team taking 2nd and a CNY Dirt team taking 3rd!

Horrible Hundred is coming up fast, better get my ass prepped!

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