5 Useful Dictionary Apps for Android device

Very roughly speaking, the total number of English words is about one million. An average man is thus faced with many words which he must admit he doesn't know. The best way to resolve this difficulty is : To look them up in a dictionary. Turning the pages of a dictionary is often tedious and not always feasible. Therefore we have here 5 Useful Dictionary Apps for Android device.

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Why use a dictionary?

Using a dictionary will help you in the following.

  • understand the learning material This is very important because if you misinterpret even one word in a question or text, you risk getting the answer wrong.
  • choose the most appropriate words- so that your writing is clear, interesting and reads well.
  • use words correctly-so that you say what you mean and your writing is easy to understand.
  • spell words correctly incorrect spelling may cause you problems and it certainly gives a bad impression.
  • build your vocabulary looking up a word not only helps you understand and use that word but the process of looking it up helps fix the word in your memory.

5 Useful Dictionary Apps for Android device

Printed dictionaries are not so handy. They are either too small to contain enough words or too large to travel with. Today I'm going to share 5 of my favorite free online dictionaries with you!

1) WordWeb Dictionary

WordWeb Dictionary is very handy when it comes to dictionary, thesaurus and synonyms. The dictionary is available for Android device and can be easily downloaded from Google store. The comprehensive WordWeb dictionary database includes the following.

  • About 285k words, phrases, derived forms and Text pronunciations.
  • About 70k examples on usage to better your understanding.
  • Synonyms and related words for building vocabulary.
  • N. American, British, Australian and international English

WordWeb has another feature of word suggestion. It suggests words even before you've completed typing.

2) Merriam Websters Dictionary

This is one of the most popular dictionaries available. In addition to word definitions, this app offers voice search . This means you can now look up a word without having to spell it. The Merriam-Webster app is over 100MB for the Android version. This is because of it's large database. Also audio pronunciations are only available when online.

3) Dictionary.com

This is again one of the very popular dictionary app available for Android devices. It has over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. The app in itself is amazing with several features like:

*Audio pronunciations and Voice search.

* Idioms ,phrases ,Word origin & history.

* Abbreviations, acronyms & slang content.

* Word of the Day home screen widget And a lot more.

The offline dictionary however requires a large space and is often slower.

4) Offline Dictionary

Offline dictionary is an multilingual dictionary app for Android .There are many dictionaries available in many languages. So after downloading this small app you can download each one you require individually. With more than 50 multi-lingual dictionaries to choose from ,this is truly fantastic.

5) TheFreeDictionary.com by Farlex

It is fully supported by Android versions including KitKat, Jelly Bean, and Ice Cream Sandwich. It provides multiple English dictionaries that have extensive definitions, pronunciations, usage examples, origin etc. You can even translate English into more than 40 languages. It also sports advanced Search options, including "Starts with," "Ends with," and "In definition."


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