Making Kids Feel Important Is Important

Kids like to feel special and a good way to help them feel special is to make them feel important by giving them responsibility. One way to teach responsibility and independence is assigning household tasks/chores. The trick to giving kids responsibility is to make sure it is age/skill level appropriate. Find a task/chore that makes your kid feel special and let them take responsibility for it. Hold them accountable but remember, they aren't prefect and it most likely won't be as good a job as you would do but hey - they are learning! Make sure to praise and encourage them when they are responsible.

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Make it fun

Kids love having fun. So why not make being independent fun? Make a game out of it. Here are some examples: Beat the timer set a timer to see if your kid can finish the task before the buzzer goes off or have a race to see who can finish first. Play a game throw dirty clothes in the hamper like a basketball. Have a treasure hunt collect a specific color/type of toys at a time. Kids are more likely to cooperate when they are having fun.

Leave them alone

Giving your kid alone time is important. It gives them a chance to gain some independence. Stay close by of course but let them know it's okay to be alone for a little while. You don't always have to be right by their side playing. Plus, parents need some alone time too!

Give choices

Everyone likes to know they have a choice. The best way to help your kid become independent is to let them make choices for themselves but don't give them too many choices because this can be overwhelming and stressful. Its best to give them two choices ball or puzzle, milk or juice, etc. An added benefit to giving choices is it helps to develop important decision-making skills and builds confidence.

Be a good example

Be confident and reassuring to your kid. Let them know you are okay and in most cases, they will be okay too!

Remember.even though it's tough, it will only get tougher if you don't do something to change it now!

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